la grange college students

Sunday School
 Our college students have great teachers that help them to dive deeper into Scripture. College students are in perhaps the most formative time of their life. It is essential during this time to delve deeply into Scripture. Our Sunday School ministry is one critical piece of that puzzle. It is in truly knowing God's word that one can apply it to life and share it with others. We hope that our students are equipped to do this after they finish their undergraduate work.
 Bible Study
Each semester on designated  nights our college students meet for small group Bible study.  These nights are about applying God's word to life, community and prayer. Bible study has been a great way for our church to connect with our college students during the school year.  
Bible Study Dates:
The Fall Semester dates will be announced soon!
ECU/PCC Student Ministry/Central Conference:
The Central Conference of OFWB has begun a new ministry for our ECU and PCC students in Greenville, NC.  They will meet on Tuesday at the Rotary Building (809 Johnston Street) at 6pm, beginning with a home cooked meal.  Dates are October 17 - November 28, 2023.